4 Big Music Marketing Ideas

This is a guest post (submit your guest post) by Shaun Letang, a music industry consultant out of London. You can find more about him at Music Industry How To.
I’m going to share with you four mega-tips that could instantly change your music career for the better! All four tips are focused on your mental approach to music marketing, as without the right mentality, it’ll be a lot harder to launch a successful music marketing campaign.
1. It’s Not All About You
This is probably the biggest point of the article and one that a lot of musicians still haven’t realized:
If you want people to buy in to you, you first have to benefit them!
As a music adviser, I’ve seen countless promotions by musicians in various forms. One thing a lot of them have in common is they focus purely on themselves. For example,”I want to become a big musician so I’m going to let everyone know about me.”
Thinking like this can kill a music career.
Ask yourself, if someone came up to you saying, “I’m going to be the next Jay Z / Mariah Carey / Justin Bieber, buy my music,” would you go on to listen to them?

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