Marketing Checklist For Musicians

By Brian Morris, writes for the PsPrint Design & Printing Blog.
If you’re in a local band, or even a touring one, you know you have tons of other bands competing for the best gigs at night clubs, bars, weddings, and other events and venues. Many bands do little marketing, which presents an excellent opportunity foryour band to employ proven marketing materials to give you the edge when it comes to booking.
The following serves as a marketing checklist for musicians.  If you develop a creative marketing strategy using the tools described below, you’ll land more gigs.
Before we begin, let me say that I definitely understand that local bands often have limited budgets. Chances are, “musician” isn’t your full-time job. And depending on your market, you probably don’t get paid what you’re worth when you play out. In my area, most local bands charge in the neighborhood of $500 for a four-hour set, which means each member (assuming it’s a four-member band) makes around $125 per night.
Keep in mind that a good band marketing strategy will earn you more than it costs. The marketing tools listed below will help you: a) land more gigs; and b) increase your status, which means you can land more high-paying gigs. When your band is in high demand, your band can charge top dollar for your services, possibly making more money and working less than you are now.

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