The One Word Answer To All The Problems In The New Music Industry

A Guest Post by Jamie Leger

Update: I am Officially Renaming This Post The TWO word answer to all the problems in the new music industry… CLARITY + FOCUS.
No offense at all to the client I’m referencing, but I find it a classic quote and it’s the perfect seque into a topic i’ve become very familiar with and a point I want to drive home for Modern Artists and Bands primarily. Although, the concept is certainly relevant to any form of career-content creator.
When I asked you to paint me a picture of what it is you really want, what your ultimate goal was, what your highest level musical vision looked like for you and your band…
You sort of took a short step back, finger touched your bottom lip, and sort of half-assertedly said… “Well, I just want my music to be heard, felt, experienced, by MORE people.” You also mentioned that you wanted to make more record sales too.
Now, there are many ways to look at this. But despite what some of you may think, I actually see a lot more RIGHT with this, then what’s WRONG with this.


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