Get Go Productions LLC provides aspiring artists with artist development services necessary to move forward in today’s music industry. We pride ourselves with nurturing the talent and guiding the artist in a more realistic and profitable direction.

Artist Development Services:

Performance Enhancement – We work closely with artists to assure they are giving entertaining and memorable performances. Ensure artists are well conditioned through rehearsals, video reviews, time management, wardrobe etc,

Stage Presence – Work closely with artists to improve their presence on stage. Enhance knowledge of stage duties, equipment, lights etc.

Online presence – Provide above standard training in online interaction with fans. Maintaining website, emails and blog submissions.

Marketing and Promotion – Provide artists with basic skills to market and promote themselves.

Consultations – Hourly consultations are available to help guide artist in the right direction and to educate on the current tools of the music business, marketing, social media etc.

Other Services – Budgeting, PRO, BDS, SoundExchange, Action plan, performance placements & more.

Other services not limited to artists:

Project Management

Stage Management

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